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Organized Desk

Our Courses:

Providing our students a full interactive and online platform in combination with face-to-face classes and a "real" teacher. 



No matter where you are or what you're doing... you always have those 15 minutes to spend. Why not spend it well? With our online platform you don't need your books or papers, because you already have them on you! Always! The only thing you need is your smart phone... tablet/ipad or your laptop (and an internet connection). ​

Are we just an online service?? NO!! we're definitely not! We just make studying easier for you with our online platform. We still teach you in a group or in a private session so you can ask questions and practice with your classmates. 

We are "old-school" meets "digital era" in a good way!!

we offer

Group & Private classes

on-site & online

How does that work? Simple. If you live near one of our physical class facilities, then you can just visit us, enter the classroom and join the class with a "real" teacher! 

If not near? Get your Zoom ID and join the classroom from wherever you are with your phone, computer or other mobile device. We are on: Windows, iOs and Android

Online Study Platform

website & Moodle

We provide our OSP on Moodle, Zoom and through Social Media: Facebook & Instagram. Keep in touch with your teacher through Whatsapp and Moodle

Kaya Alonso de Ojeda 39

Salinja Harbour View 

Curacao - Dutch Antilles

Tel/WA: +599 9511 2981

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