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voor jongeren


learning dutch

for different reasons:

- start a complete new course starting from scratch

- a course focused on your skills and needs. 

- improve your level from A to B or from B to C

- prepare yourself for an upcoming exam

- improve your conversation and communication skills

- whatever reason you can think of basically

learning dutch

online or in a classroom?
group or private?

All is possible!

We offer private courses and group courses. 

Both can be held through online or on-site sessions. 

We have a very spacious and comfortable classroom available. 

Our classroom is equipped especially for online classes and has 

therefor the latest technology to give you the best class experience possible. 

Make an appointment and we'll be happy to show you around 

and tell you about everything we have to offer!


learning dutch

Online Platform Academy

All our Dutch material can be found on our Online Platform called "Academy"

This platform offers:

- audio & video

- texts & grammar

- writing & speaking


and many exercises to practice what you've learned in your class. 

We call our way of working "Hybrid Learning"

learning dutch

When can I start?

Well, basically: ALWAYS

You can start when you're ready to. Since 90% of our classes are based on private classes. You just need to register. 

The advantages:

- less time in classes

- YOU get all the attention

- working on YOUR needs 

- you can take your class when YOU want to

- advance in your pace



learning dutch

For whom?

For everyone!

Where located on the beautiful island of Curacao. 

Through our Online Platform and our Online Classes it's possible to take your classes when you live in another country:

Europe, Asia, South-America or any other country... no problem. 

We're here to help you and you only need a mobile device and internet. 

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