From level A0 to level A2
Divided in 4 levels and 64 units

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learning english

for different reasons:

Do you want to start learning English? Or maybe improve your level?

English is important for many reasons: usually if you work international, you will need to speak or write English.


At Nassau we focus on all skills: reading, listening, writing, and speaking.

Our main courses are focused on levels:

  • beginner

  • intermediate low

  • intermediate high

  • advanced


If you need to prepare for a TOEFL, IELTS or TOEIC exam? We have the experience to prepare you for that exam!

Do you have an upcoming English exam at your school, but you’re still struggling with some of the grammar? Don’t worry! we’re here to help you!

You can sign up on this site... or ask for an assessment test, so we can help you decide which level you exactly have. 


we can't make English easier... 
we can make learning it less difficult!

How does that work?


A language basically has 4 skills:

reading and writing – the “productive skills

listening and reading – the “receptive skills


The 4 skills are based on vocabulary and grammar: so how you put the words in the right order in a sentence and what changes if variables change.


What a teacher does is explaining his students how it works… let them understand why it is and give them tools to practice. Nassau developed a method that is based on that principle:

“When a student understand why something is… he will adopt and comprehend the idea”


An example: Someone told you once that you need to water plants and flowers. You’re more motivated to do this when you know they’ll die if you don’t.

Our method works the same. If you understand why, it is… it’s easier and more motivating to apply something.

But as in our flower example: you need to practice being a real florist!

In our method we offer an app with a very understandable explanation and a lot of daily practice. Still, you have the guidance and help of your teacher, but learning a language has never been easier.

so... the classes... 
present... practice... produce... 

The 3 P’s.

In your language class, we focus on all skills.

Normally we read a short text with new vocabulary. You can learn vocabulary in different ways, but seeing it in a text or context makes more sense.

In a text there is always grammar. We focus on this new grammar and the teacher explains it, so it makes sense to the students.

Next part is take the grammar out of the text and use it with vocabulary and other situations… let’s see if that still works!

Then students need to use it in their own thought of situations: personal, work etc.

After all this presenting, practicing and producing… it’s up to the students to apply their knew obtained knowledge in the exercises online.

Students can check their answers in real time and if there are any doubts after doing all the exercises, students can have a follow-up in the next class with their teacher.

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nassau & moodle
partners in language

If you go to Nassau Academy -- www.nassau-online.com/academy -- you can enter using your username and password. Every student will receive their login credentials.

You will be enrolled in the course you applied for and can start immediately.

All the courses and its content is also available in an application called “Moodle”. This is an open-source application which provide schools and teachers the possibility to add all their content into a user-friendly app.


Everyone is welcome to enter as a guest and do our very first lesson: niveau 1 – les 1 for free!

The most ideal part is it works on Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android devices! So you always will have your material with you “on-the-go”: audio, video, texts, exercises, grammar… all in one place!