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learning english

for different reasons:

English is a world language, just as Spanish. 

For work, business or personal reasons: English is a must!

Do you want to improve your level? 

Do you want to start from level "zero"? 

No problem!! We have it all covered!

Need to prepare for an exam like the TOEFL exam?

Are you going to work or study abroad? 

Just tell us when you want to start and we'll make it happen!

learning english

anywhere, anytime

You decide how intensive your classes will be. 

Most of us have busy lives, so what we recommend is:

Once a week a 1 hour session. 

Your teacher will explain and practice together with you the grammar of the week. Also new vocabulary and new audio, video and texts. 

After your session, you can get online to practice the whole week on our Online Platform "Academy". 

The advantage: you don't have to go 2 or 3 times a week to classes and still will be able to practice and learning the whole week until the next session


learning english

where and how?

On-Site is only possible if you live on the beautiful island of Curacao.

We offer for everyone else "online sessions" through Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meets. 

Our classroom meets the highest standards of technology. 

All future students are welcome to make a free of charge appointment to get to know us. 

We'll take the time to explain everything and answer all your questions. 

learning english


Are you a company or a business in which English will be more and more important every day?

Do you need group sessions for your workers? 

Do you want to track their progress and results?

Our online platform is the perfect way to see what your employees are doing every day. Are they doing their exercises? Are they improving? We can hand over weekly reports about every student. 


learning english

Moodle and Academy

A lasting partnership between Moodle and Academy has resulted in an exceptional fun, interesting and effective way of learning a new language. 

Students have exercises EVERY DAY of the week and they can see their progress in real time. 

Our "Hybrid Learning" system is a fusion between two worlds of teaching. 

Please, write us today to give you more information. 

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