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OLP - Nassau Academy


the number 1 online study platform


Nassau Academy

what is it?

Nassau Academy is on OLP - Online Learning Platform 

It's based on the Moodle MLS application. 

It's accessible in every Windows or Mac Browser and also 

an app on Android and iOS devices. 

You'll find basically EVERYTHING for your course:

Course plans, grammar, units, audio, video, texts and most importantly: practice and exercises for EVERY DAY. 


Nassau Academy

How does it work?

Start your course with Nassau. 

Receive your username and password

Start with your first class. 

All lessons are divided in courses on the platform. 

Everything we talk about in our class sessions... you'll find it back

on the Academy platform

Nassau Academy

How do I get it?


Contact us today and get started. 

We offer: Dutch, English and Spanish.

Our online platform is a "hybrid learning system" 

You can use our platform on any mobile device. 

The only thing you need is a laptop, computer, tablet or phone with Windows, MacOS, Android or iOS. 


Nassau Academy

what does it cost?

It's included in your course fee. 

Please check our course fees on the main page. 

Nassau will never charge additional costs. 

One rate for everything. 

If you want the app and study by yourself, it's possible

just let us know and we can give you our accessible app rates

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